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My Name is Christina.

This is where I write about my travels, pushing my comfort zone, and living my best life with my adventure dog, Ava. I’ve lived out of a tent with Ava in Norway. I’ve volunteered on farms in Denmark, Italy, and Norway. I’ve been to Airport Jail, and I recommend life changing podcasts and books.

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Ava the adventure dog.

From death row at an animal shelter to living the life dogs dream about. Ava is my life co-pilot. She has touched the Norwegian Sea and Daytona Beach within 24 hours. She lived on a Norwegian Hippie farm. She couchsurfed with me off the island of Nessoden, and we lived out of a one-person tent together for three weeks.

She is brave and vulnerable and my most cherished friend.

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Welcome to virtual home of Christina Gray. Make yourself comfortable. 

My goal is to create a space that feels like you're reading something written by an old friend. 

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