The Most Important Thought You'll Ever Have

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What you’re about to read is very near and dear to my heart.

Absorb wisely.

Our brains are constantly creating thoughts.

Most of those thoughts we have thoughts before. Some of them we were better off never having thought, but some of them? Some of them will be the most important thoughts you’ve ever had.

The first time I got on a plane alone, wow, I wasn’t ready. But, considering I did do it, I WAS ready. There was something deep within me that was leading me more than the part of myself I was aware of. I didn’t know that I had left my life to go on a quest for self-discovery, but I did.

Your thoughts can be important nuggets of wisdom from your inner self.

What I’m about to say is contradicting to the belief that we are not our thoughts, and, all of the yes’s, we are NOT our thoughts. However, some of our things originate from a place that is our truest selves.

Most of the thoughts we think are repetitive and unnecessary. Many people believe getting control of your life is getting control of your actions, or, more dangerously, getting control of your life is getting control of those around you. These are both understandable things to believe, but aren’t foundational beliefs.

You will not be able to build a healthy life foundation of top of those beliefs, and it can be dangerous to believe we should be controlling other people.

What’s true on the most basic level is that getting control of your life begins with getting control of your thoughts.

That’s it.

The next step isn’t getting control of your actions. It’s getting control of your beliefs.

Your mind isn’t a place you will ever conquer. Please don’t start a war within your head and your mind.

(This next paragraph is something I learned YEARS into my journey inward. If it doesn’t resonate with you right this moment, make a mental note of it, because you will learn more about this, I guarantee it.)

You are experiencing your body, but you live in your mind. For a long time I had this confused. I thought that my body was my home and my mind was secondary. This created so many problems, and I can now see it is creating problems within those around me.

This is the difference between a person that loses their legs and becomes and hermit and the woman that lost her legs and still decided to continue with her dream of going to the snowboarding Olympics. (Amy Purdy). They both started off with something crushing happening, and they both had a rough internal dialogue, but the latter, she was able to control her thoughts. Then, she was able to control her beliefs.

That was a long intro into a simple point, but are we on the same page now?

You are not your thoughts, but, damn, they are important.

You are not your thoughts.

Now, no matter what kind of control you have over your thoughts, one of the most important things you can do is observe your thoughts.

You can do this absolutely anywhere. Many people use this technique while meditating, but I invite you to do this wherever you are now. Retreat into your head. Close your eyes if you’d like. Then, do not contribute to your thoughts, do not react to your thoughts, just discover what thoughts you are thinking that are effortless and possibly intrusive.

Is there a pity party in your head? Cool. Don’t fight it. Remember, this isn’t a war. Sit back, relax, and observe what you are thinking. If you’ve never done this before, it may be hard to understand that you are having thoughts you didn’t even know you were having, but this is a reality for all of humanity. The reason I give an example of a pity party is because you might be shocked about the things you are thinking. Are you having angry thoughts? Sad thoughts? Truly worrying thoughts? Once you start to become aware of the things you are thinking, you will learn about problems that you didn’t know you had. These will take work, (and there is a post in the works to help you learn how to solve internal problems).

We can learn from our thoughts.

Okay, so now you are learning to observe your thoughts. There is a lot we can learn from there. I strongly encourage you to observe your thoughts all the time, and start to be intentional about what you are thinking.

Next comes the super fun part. Are you ready?

In your thoughts, you will find underlying beliefs that create problems within your life, but you will also find wisdom that should be listened to!

The wisdom will seem small, usually, but it will often come to you in the form of a stray thought. In my example in the very beginning, I listened to my internal wisdom when I went traveling for the first time. I had a stray thought that I was self-aware enough to listen to. (Just by reading this, you are creating that kind of important self awareness).

Even smaller, we sometimes have a thought that pops into our mind like, “I should share this book I’m reading with this friend.” Once we start to question those thoughts and think, “Oh, no she probably doesn’t want to hear it she wouldn’t be interested,” you are getting away from your intuition in these moments.

Our intuition can and will speak to us through these stray thoughts.

That example I just gave is a real life moment I experienced. I was reading a book called, You Are a badass at Making Money. It’s now a book I re-read at least twice a year. There are little homeworks at the end of each chapter. The idea to call my friend and tell her about it popped into my mind. Instead of questioning this thought, I immediately picked up the phone and called her. Guys, she started crying! She told me that she needed it. She asked, “How could you know I was just thinking about this, that I needed this? How did you know?”

Pay attention.

THAT is what I’m talking about. Yes, many of our thoughts (most of them) are just bouncing around our head, taking up space. However, when you pay attention, you will soon hone in on the thoughts that seemed to come from nowhere. You might think, “Huh, that was kind of weird.” Whatever fluttered through your mind that caught your attention and curiosity, please pay attention. That could be the most important thought you’ve ever had, no matter how small. I am not exaggerating. Even though that moment I shared with a friend was small to me, I can’t begin to imagine what was happening on the other side of the phone. How did listening to my own internal wisdom and intuition impact her?

I once Googled my birthday.

Just for fun.

First, the fact that I even Googled my birthday is important. Not only did a random thought zoom through my head, but I was paying attention to it, AND I acted up on it.

So, there I am at my computer, looking through search results. The very first thing that came up, and almost everything that came was about Norway’s Constitution Day, May 17th.

My next thought was, I should go to Norway for my birthday.

This could’ve gone out of my mind without fuss. I could’ve ignored that I thought this, but I thought this. It was a big deal to me how this thought popped into my head. It felt important, but also light. Not everything important has to be heavy, and I’m starting to believe that it’s unhealthy for important things to feel heavy. If it’s right, it should feel easy and light. (Yes. We sometimes have to do hard things and make hard decisions, but this is not that.)

The most important thing I have ever done in my life is spend the summer of 2017 in Norway.

Listen to me when I tell you that my life wouldn’t be the same, I might not even be alive, if I didn’t listen to a tiny, tiny part of me that was curious enough to Google my birthday.

Our curiosities have wisdom, and when we question that wisdom, it goes away. For some, that curiosity leaves completely and their lives become flat and complacent. I can guarantee you know a person like this. They are rigid in their ways and consider most joys in life frivolous. (Not a great person to have around).

I don’t know about you, but the magic of the universe and the joys of life are very welcome gifts. I helped my friend just by understanding that I was thinking about her for a reason, and it’s not always within my understanding to know that reason. Curiosity will lead you more than questioning will lead you.

When we question, we make the assumption that there is a correct answer, and a correct view. A hard truth to understand is that there isn’t always an answer. Sometimes, we have to put trust and vulnerability before understanding.

The next step is trust.

Believe me when I share that my heart was in my throat when I booked the ticket, and I almost got off the plane when there was a delay and we were all just waiting in the cabin to take off.

I allowed the wisdom within myself to surface through my curiosities and thoughts.

I trusted these thoughts and allowed myself to be vulnerable.

Once I threw myself into the unknown, led by my internal self, I had answers.

I understood after the curiosity, after the inspired action, after the vulnerability what I was being led to, and I am so grateful for it.

What are you ignoring?

Now, I don’t know you, but I have to ask a personal question.

What are you ignoring?

What is it within yourself that is gently trying to capture your attention?

What are you curious about that you’ve been putting off? This could be something as small as finally taking that pottery class you’ve seen advertised. Or confronting that person in your life.

Whatever it is, trust yourself.

Enjoy your journey inward.

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Hello. I’m Christina. I like chocolate, my dog Ava, volunteering on farms, and pushing my comfort zone.

Hello. I’m Christina. I like chocolate, my dog Ava, volunteering on farms, and pushing my comfort zone.

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