Why You Should Create a Now List Instead of a Bucket List.

A case against bucket lists

The basic idea of a bucket list is a list of things to do/places to visit before you die. The problem with this is none of us know when we’re going to die. In 2017, only 27% of the global deaths were from people older than 70. That means that 73% of deaths were from people all around the world from 0-70. That’s a giant group of people that didn’t make it to old age.

When the premise of the bucket list is to enjoy new things before you die, we often adopt an “I’ll eventually get to it” mindset.

Living for the now

The name of the now list creates a sense of presence and urgency. What could you work towards today? What is something you’ve been wanting to do that you could actually do today, or this year, or within the next five years?

The now list

In the spirit of trying new things, continually learning, and making my interests and desires a priority, I’ve created a Now List instead of a Bucket List. It includes places I want to see, new experiences I want to have, and plenty of pushing my comfort zone. The one rule I’ve created for myself is that I must always be actively seeking/working towards at least one item on my Now List.

To create your own now list, think of accomplishments, places, big dreams, and awesome ways to push your comfort zone. Every time you think, hear, or see something that lights you up and pulls you in, write it down! Soon your life will be filled with exciting soul-fulfilling adventures.

My now list:

(Everything in bold is something I’m actively working toward).

  1. Get 24 hour married in Vegas.

  2. Go to a bodysex workshop led by Betty Dodson.

  3. Live out of a van.

  4. Go deep into the woods for a month.

  5. Camp in the desert.

  6. See the northern lights.

  7. Skydive.

  8. Waterfast.

  9. Do a handstand.

  10. Pick sunflowers at the Van Gogh Museum.

  11. Crochet a full sized blanket.

  12. Live from an online income.

  13. Do peyote.

  14. Paint something.

  15. Make a croissant in France.

  16. Go to a silent retreat.

  17. Backpack through Vietnam.

  18. BASE jump.

  19. Go to burning man.

  20. Knit a sweater.

  21. Have abs.

  22. Go canyoneering.

  23. Go spelunking.

  24. Break into an abandoned building.

  25. Be homeless for a year.

  26. Build a tiny house.

  27. Take Ayahuasca.

  28. Learn German in Germany.

  29. Take Ava to Sweden.

  30. Skip winter.

  31. Housesit abroad.

  32. Go to London.

  33. Put 1,000 on black.

  34. Strip at a strip club.

  35. Give a talk.

  36. Be on a podcast.

  37. Grow purple Aliums.

  38. Learn a partner dance.

  39. Climb El Capitan.

  40. Stay in an ice hotel.

  41. Make tequila.

  42. The hero’s journey. (5 grams mushrooms).

  43. Move to another country.

  44. Do the underwear subway ride.

  45. Touch a bear.

  46. Pose nude for a drawing class.

  47. Hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.

  48. Write a book.

  49. Walk to the top of the Amazon tower.