Save Money For Travel With These Awesome Apps + $25 In Sign Up Bonuses!

In the picture below, I’m hiking in Italy. I was only 19. I was able to get to Italy by working, working, working, and saving almost all of that money.

Hiking in Italy.

Hiking in Italy.

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links on my website. For some of the links on my site, if you follow the link and end up making a purchase, I make a small commission at no cost to you. I use this money to fund this website, fix up my van, pay my phone bill, and buy dog food. I ONLY recommend items that I’ve personally used or are very similar to items I use. Any products I use and recommend, I purchased with my own money and am not compensated for my opinions.

You CAN afford to travel.

The most common response to any travel story I’ve just told is, “I’d love to travel, but I don’t have the money.” My heart sinks when I hear this response from people. My response to them is not to let money control their lives. If you really want to go, save some money and go. It’s possible for absolutely everyone.

In this society we live in, money is a requirement for doing most things, and that’s okay. The best way to make the most out of your life with money is to be in control of your money and not let your money be in control of you. The first step in learning how to be in control of your money is learning how to make it. The second step is learning how to save it.

I’m both learning how to make money and save money. For the past year, I’ve started using apps to help me save on autopilot. They take the money out of my bank account a little bit at a time. If you have to physically move your money to a savings account, it’s much more difficult to consistently save. If you are looking at your money to move it into savings, you’re likely to save a smaller amount. With the apps I use, I can commit to saving a certain amount every week no matter what.

I currently use three different apps, and I’ve saved hundreds just in the last couple of months thanks to them.

  1. Acorns (Sign Up Bonus: $5)

Acorns is a savings and investment app. You choose the kind of investing you’d like to participate in, and Acorns chooses ETF and stock options to micro invest in. For example, instead of buying an entire Apple stock. You’ll own one dollar worth of Apple, and a few dollars worth of another stock. This way all your eggs aren’t in one basket, and I’ve personally seen a few dollars in growth from my investments!

Acorns uses a feature called “round-ups.” Each time you make a purchase, Acorns rounds up the purchase to the nearest dollar and invests the change into stocks. You can choose which portfolio you’d like to invest in and how much risk you’re willing to tolerate in the stock market. If you’d like to save even more, you can choose a higher amount to invest after each purchase. Imagine how much money you’d be able to save if you put aside $5 dollars every single time you made a purchase. I can tell you from experience, it adds up quickly! You can turn off this feature if you’re low on funds, and you can withdraw whenever you’d like to.

The best part about Acorns is you get $5 dollars just for signing up. Want to know what $5 dollars can get you? A bus ticket in Norway, an overpriced soda at an airport, five fluffy croissants in Denmark, or two entire pizzas in Italy.

Acorns charges only one dollar a month for their services. That’s money well spent considering how much you’re saving. With $5 extra dollars in your bank account just for signing up and no contracts, it’s a good deal.

Click here to sign up for Acorns.

2. Qapital (Sign Up Bonus: $20)

Qapital is designed to help you spend better. You can set multiple “goals” that Qapital will deposit from your account into to help you get closer to them. One of my goals is to spend summer in Sweden. So, every time I make a purchase, Qapital takes $2 from my bank account and puts it into my “Summer In Sweden” goal.

My favorite part about the goals feature on Qapital is that they encourage you to add a picture to your goal. I have a beautiful photo of a cabin in Sweden that is the background to the amount of money I’ve saved for my goal of spending Summer in Sweden. It really is encouraging to see my money add up while looking at that cabin!

Let’s talk about the sign up bonus. $20 dollars is an AMAZING sign up bonus. That’s $20 of free money just for investing in yourself. The $20 dollar bonus is only available during April 2019, so make sure you don’t put off signing up if you’re interested.

What can $20 dollars do for you abroad? You can take the train from Copenhagen to a picturesque island town. You can buy gelato and entrance to the top of the Vatican in Rome, or you can buy one shot of tequila in Norway. (I learned how much the tequila was after the bartender poured it). $20 dollars is nothing to shake a stick at. If you want to sign up just for the free money, I’m not judging.

The first month of Qapital is free. After that it’s $3 dollars a month. That’s cheaper than my Bank of America savings account. Get your money flowing by saving more of it. You can download Qapital here.

3. Albert (Sign Up Bonus: $0)

Albert uses round-ups and weekly automatic savings to help you save. Every week, Albert takes $75 dollars out of my account and puts that into a savings account. Albert also round-up my purchases to the nearest dollar to put in a “rainy day fund

Although there is no bonus for signing up, I still truly enjoy and use Albert. Albert allows you to pay what you choose. When you sign up, you can literally decide how much you want to pay each month even if it’s one dollar. The basic plan is completely free.

Click here to get Albert on iPhone.

Click here to get Albert on Android.

Saving For Travel Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.

Saving isn’t my strongest area, and that’s why I really do have all three of these apps on my phone to make it easier. Are you trying to save for travel, rainy days, or a cool van? Consider using one of these apps to give your bank account a $25 dollar boost just for signing up and save for your goals. You’ll get there. Happy travels!

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