Traveling With a Vibrator + My Favorite Travel Carry-On Friendly Vibrator

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Yes, I travel with sex toys.

No, I’m not afraid to have them in my carry-on.

Yes, that’s toys with an “s.“

I’ve had them in my carry-on on my way to Colorado, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Florida, Norway, and Sweden. 

travel can be wild.

I’m writing this from a coffee shop in Uppsala, Sweden.

In my bag I have a vibrator and a set of kegel balls. Why? Because travel can be wild, spontaneous, and unpredictable. I will most likely not have a sleepless night with a beautiful Swedish man, but if I do, I have some fun surprises to bring along. More than likely, I’ll go back to the farm I’m volunteering on in a few hours. I will definitely be using them there.

Last November in Las Vegas, I happened to have my bag of tricks on me when I met a beautiful Australian man. It made our experience together a little more exciting.

Everyone masturbates.

I’ve done a lot of inner work to let go of any shamey feelings that were put on me by my parents, society, and religion. There were so, so many. If anyone out there feels like they still have weird feelings leftover from childhood even though you are well into adulthood, you’re not alone.

Talking about sex, masturbation, and orgasms is one of the best ways to break down those barriers and let go of any internal blocks that were created during childhood. I worked through this, because I like to own my sexuality.

Also, orgasms are important.

Learning about my body in Denmark.

19 year old Christina working through her limiting beliefs and sexual repressions. (I was working through all of this, but I didn’t understand it at the time).

19 year old Christina working through her limiting beliefs and sexual repressions. (I was working through all of this, but I didn’t understand it at the time).

During my very first backpacking trip, I learned that my occasional trouble orgasming was a very big problem with the added stress of being somewhere new and feeling like I had to sneak around to get off. I tried it just about everywhere: in the shower, on the bed, on the floor, and in the woods, but I usually ended up in frustrated tears instead of ecstasy. Actually, almost every time I just ended up frustrated. I was 19, and I was still learning about my body and my desires. 

This is a detail I’m terrified to put out onto the internet, but I know I’m not the only one that has experienced something as ridiculous as what I’m about to write. In Denmark, I was so frustrated and desperate to get off, that I thought it might work to enlist the help of a banana. Unfortunately, it was too ripe, and it literally just mushed in my hands. I was very sad about it. 

I owned a small bullet vibrator at the time, but I was a few thousand miles away from it. The very first thing I did when I was back stateside was buy a proper vibrator. I walked into the sex shop, Adam and Eve, bought one that looked decent and cheap, and then I moved on from the bad orgasms I had in Denmark. 

I made up for lost time that day, and I didn’t leave my house. 

Be honest with yourself about your orgasm needs.

During my time in Norway, I brought the small bullet vibrator mentioned above with me, and I have no regrets. It came in handy, and I was very grateful to have it. Be honest with yourself about your orgasm needs. At first I felt weird bringing it with me. It was the first time I had traveled with a sex toy of any kind, but I didn’t want to have a repeat of Denmark. I swallowed my shame and discomfort and it became apart of my packing list from that point forward. 

That vibrator and I had a great time in Norway. I used it alone, and during sex. (Something I also had to do some serious inner work on). It broke right after I returned home to The States. It originally was a gift from a lover, so I decided to make an upgraded purchase that I could enjoy at home and abroad. 

I went to another Adam & Eve in Charlotte, and I told the woman exactly what I wanted. I asked for something that was small + rechargeable, but I also wanted something that could be used clitorally or vaginally, and the very helpful woman in the store led me to the Cal Exotics Red Hot Spark. I’ve had it for over a year now, and it is awesome.

My favorite Awesome travel-friendly vibrator

Everyone has different preferences for what feels good. Sometimes those preferences change within the same person, and that’s one of the reasons I have enjoyed traveling with this particular vibrator so much. It has 10 different speeds/functions, and I now have something that can match whatever mood I’m in without leaving me hella frustrated. 

This picture was taken in my hotel room in Las Vegas!

This picture was taken in my hotel room in Las Vegas!

In the mood for something rumbly? Done. There’s a setting for that.

In the mood for something buzzy? Same. I love this thing.

It’s fairly quiet, so when you’re living in a house of eight other people that is definitely a plus.

A big plus.

I’m in one of the most sexually open countries in the world, and I am soaking up all of their healthy sex vibes.

I had sex with a man in Uppsala a month ago. I had all of my sex toys with me, and as soon as he saw my vibrator he said, “Ah, you should use that on your clitoris when we have sex!” It was such a nice moment to know that I had made the right choice to not only bring my vibrator traveling, but to be bold enough to bring it with me to someone else’s bed.

It was also a terrifying moment.

I haven’t found a graceful way to tell someone that I just happened to have a vibrator on me, or a way to say it without blushing and having my eyes wide in fear.

However, pushing myself in this way, and challenging myself to be bold is how I am constantly becoming the person that aligns with my inner self. It’s always worth it to be honest with yourself about what you enjoy and what’s important to you.

Working on my sexual self is something I always prioritize. Healthy sex is the goal. Always.

I like talking about sex.

I talk about sex with strangers at bars, coffee shops, parties, and just about anywhere people talk to other people.

We are humans, and we have the joy of having sex with ourselves and other people for pleasure.

I want to speak directly to the person reading this and remind you to honor the sexual desires within yourself.

If you feel that you want to travel with a vibrator to make orgasms easier or just more fun, go for it. Never allow any kind of shame or limiting beliefs to creep into your mind and stop you from having awesome orgasms at the frequency that best suits you. 

My healthiest self.

For me, honoring my healthiest, sexiest sex life means having really good orgasms and really good orgasms often.

I am my healthiest and happiest self when I’m not neglecting this important part of who I am as a person. If this is also an important part of who you are as a person, find a way to incorporate your healthiest sexual self into your home and travel life. We often make compromises during travel, and I encourage you to not compromise this vital part of who we are as vibrant humans.

Consider bringing a vibrator on your next trip!

Have good orgasms and happy travels!

(If you are looking for a travel+carry on friendly vibrator recommendation, you can find the one I use and love on Amazon here. Treat yo’ self).

PS: Vibrators are illegal in Indonesia. Don’t be frisky in Bali. Google laws before you travel internationally with your beloved vibrator.

Do you travel with a vibrator?